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Earn up to $212 per sale. Unlike the other product promotions where commission is paid for the low rate front end products, we offer commission for all our high ticket backend products.


CPA marketing is evergreen and in high demand always, so you don't have to worry about the demand. It's demand will never end.

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About The Product

CPA Marketing Excellence is a "Done For You Sales Funnel with PLR" in the evergreen hot niche which is none other than "CPA Marketing" that your customers can sell as their own and keep 100% of the cash in their pockets. Here are the details of the sales funnel.


The Sales Funnel & Commissions

As with all our launches we focus on YOUR bottom line. We build our funnels to maximize your EPCs and over-deliver value. People love our products and we make sure we boost your commissions to the MAX...

  • High Quality Brand NewTraining Guide on CPA Marketing
  • Cheat Sheet
  • Mind map
  • Reseources Report
  • High Converting Sales Copy
  • Professionaly Designed Minisite
  • Full Set of Stunning Graphics with PSD
  • 10 x High Quality and Unique Articles
  • Stunning, professionally designed banners
  • Promotional Email Swipes
  • Hypnotic Sales Video Promo
  • PLR to all the above Modules
  • 10 Video Tutorials
  • Powerpoint Slides
  • Voiceover Audios
  • Upsell Sales Copy
  • Upsell minisite
  • 5 follow up series
  • Professional Squeeze Page
  • PSD Graphics
  • Give Away Report
  • Upsell Sales Video
  • Professional Affiliate Page with Swipes
  • "Done For You Setup" - Changing the name on the PLR, uploading it to the hosting account, setting up the payment buttons, and integrating customer's autoresponder… we’ll do all of that for them!
  • Ongoing Support
  • 3 Biz in a Box Combo Package –Buyers will get 3 of our brand new, hottest and high quality biz in a box including done for you setup
  • Members will get 1 complete sales funnel with PLR every month at $27 where normal price is $97.

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JV Cash Prizes

Note : All sales are front end sales and we’ll announce the winners on 09th August
and prizes will be distributed through paypal on 10th August 2015.


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Hey there,

I’m excited to announce a brand
new, high quality PLR product you
can resell starting today!

It’s called CPA Marketing Excellence, by top
notch PLR producers SajanElanthoor and Justin Opay.

PLUS, when you grab your copy today, I’m also going to hand you my exclusive Mega Bonus package!

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CPA (cost per action) is an incredibly popular choice for
profiting online. No selling required, very easy to get
started. If…

You have the right plan. You need current info and methods
that are proven to work. With those, you can definitely bank
big with this method.

But with a simple twist, you can literally double your profit
potential with CPA…

>> Check This Out Now!

Inside you’re going to access top of the line and very current
training on this super hot topic. That you can put into use
right away to start bringing in lucrative commissions.

Even better? You’re also getting a complete PLR license
to the whole thing. Put YOUR name on this product and
sell it as your own, starting today!

So you can double up your profits by not just cashing in with
these cutting edge methods, but also by selling the content!

That’s right. You’re getting top notch CPA training from an
industry expert.

PLUS, resell rights to everything. AND all the sales materials
you’ll need to build a buyer’s list from scratch.

So ­ profit with CPA as outlined in this easy to follow guide.
Then sell any part of this massive bundle for automated,
long term profits.

>> It’s All Waiting For You Right Here!

This is on a very limited, 75% off discount for just a few days.

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Subject: 3 POWER List Building Methods Using PLR

Subject: Your List Building Triple Threat

Subject: Automated List Building Times Three…

Subject: CPA Meets PLR For The ULTIMATE List Building Combo…



Owning a list is like having your own income generating
asset online. As close to push button profits as it gets…

But how to? Create and launch products? Give away a
freebie in exchange for emails? Or even using CPA to
collect leads?

Now you can do ALL 3 and get started as soon as today!

With CPA Marketing Excellence, you’re getting a complete
list building business in a box.

>> Get All The Details Here!

3 ways to build your list in this top quality PLR mega bundle.

What’s inside?

Module 1 ­ High Quality CPA Marketing Guide
Module 2 ­ Cheat Sheet
Module 3 ­ Mind Map
Module 4 ­ Resource Report
Module 5 ­ Ready Made Sales and Thank You Pages
Module 6 ­ Hypnotic Sales Videos
Module 7 ­ Professional Legal Pages
Module 8 ­ Full Set Of Professional Graphics
Module 9 ­ 10 High Quality, Unique Articles
Module 10 ­ Stunning, Professional Banners
Module 11 ­ Promotional Email Swipes
Module 12 ­ PLR License to resell any or ALL of this content!

You can use the CPA training yourself to both make commissions

AND build a list.

You can sell the main product to build a list of buyers.

And you can offer any module (I’d recommend the cheat sheet or
mindmap) as a lead magnet to build your list using a squeeze page.

Three proven ways to build your list. In one complete, all inclusive

>> What Are You Waiting For?

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Subject: Why Aren’t You Doing This?

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Time to cut right to the chase. All those ‘gurus’ saying that product
creation is the best way to a consistent online income?

They’re 100% right.

BUT, and this is a big but… it’s just NOT as easy as most would
have you believe.

Maybe you’re an amazing writer, or can shoot great videos. But
creating the product is really the easy part.

It’s the rest that throws a wrench in the machine. Like how the
heck to sell it?

You need high converting sales copy, killer graphics and design,
usually a sales video as well. Just for starters.

Try knocking all THAT out in a Sunday afternoon. Of course you
could outsource it if you’ve got a spare couple thousand
kicking around…

What if you had access to a top quality product in one of the
hottest niches of the day? Completely done for you?

AND every sales tool needed to bring this DFY product to
market to start profiting today and well into the future?

That would be a no­brainer. All the benefits of product creation ­
your own list, long term profits and branding ­ with none of the

It’s closer than you think. Right around the corner, in fact.
Stay tuned for my next message when I’ll share exactly
how you can get started.

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Subject: [Brand New] PLR In The HOT CPA Niche Means INSTANT Profits…

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CPA or ‘cost per action’ marketing is one of the hottest niches
online. In fact, over 22 products on this very topic have been
awarded “product of the day” this year alone!

Imagine being able to provide a hungry audience with everything
it needs to crush it in this red hot niche.

By providing the most up to date info on CPA, in a complete package
that includes 100% PLR.

You can rebrand the high end report, put your name on it, and sell it.
You can do the same with the included cheat sheet and mind map.

>> Get All The Details Here!

Of course if you want to use this cutting edge training in CPA to
make passive profits for yourself, everything you need is included.

But if you want to DOUBLE up your profits by selling this power
pack product in the hottest niche online, everything you need to
make that happen is waiting for you inside…

Complete Training Guide, Cheat Sheet & Mind Map
Resources Guide
DFY Sales & Thank You Pages
Promo Sales Videos
Full Graphics
Unique Articles
Banners & Email Swipes

This complete package has been expertly prepared for you
by top marketers Sajan and Justin. You can literally just copy,
swipe and deploy this package for profits, starting today.

>> What Are You Waiting For?

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Subject: Biz In A Box Completely Done For You

Subject: Your $100 Per Day Blueprint

Subject: [PLR] CPA Autopilot Profits



Fastest way to a consistent online income is by releasing
your own products.

To be successful, these products need to be high quality
AND in a niche people are searching for.

Today, CPA is one of the hottest niches online. And right
now, you’ve got the chance to give this hungry market
exactly what it’s looking for:

>> Check Out CPA Marketing Excellence Now!

You’ll get complete re­sale rights to cutting edge training
on the hottest niche going.

With every sales tool you need ­ and step by step
instruction on how to put this into place within 24 hours.

All the MASSIVE benefits of launching your own
product: short and long term profits as you’re
building your list, and…

Absolutely none of the hassles. Literally all done for
you. Can’t recommend this highly enough:

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You’ve got one more chance to tap into a complete
business in a box, in the hottest niche going…

CPA marketing is the most in­demand niche of our
time. People are LINING UP for training in this area.

Today YOU can give it to them. With a completely
DFY product you can sell as your own.

You keep 100% of the profits and 100% of the leads,
so you’re now able to build your own buyer’s list on
complete autopilot.

You’ll get a fresh, up to date training product on CPA
marketing. That you can use TODAY to start making
passive profits.

Even better? You’ll get complete resale rights, so you
can offer this IN DEMAND training to the market and
start building your own list for long term profits.

Everything you need is included. Top quality training,
plus cheat sheets, resource guides, sales copy and

>> This Is TRULY A Copy & Paste Business

Go copy it!

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Did you know that the digital information industry is a
60 billion dollar per year market, and growing?

No wonder product launching has become the easiest,
fastest way to create a long term online income.

But for all the courses promising how easy it is, when
you break it right down, there are a lot of moving parts.

You need to create a product in a hot niche, one with
huge demand. You need sales copy, download pages,
videos and all the marketing materials.

Sure, you could try and do this all yourself, or outsource
as much as possible. Hope you’ve got either a lot of
time or very deep pockets.

>> Or You Could Just Grab This!

High quality product in the super hot niche of CPA. How
hot? CPA products have accounted for over 22 product
of the day awards on the Warrior Plus network this year
alone, and counting…

And you get it all in this package. The product, cheat sheet,
mindmap, high converting sales page, video sales letters,
and every other tool needed to JUMPSTART your product
launching career.

All with full PLR so you can plug this in and start selling as
soon as today. Don’t worry, complete setup instructions
are included…

>> This Is The FASTEST Way To Launch Your Online Career

DFY product, professional quality tools and step by step guide
to get you into profit, fast.

It just doesn’t get any easier. But act fast, because this is on a
75% discount for just a few days.

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